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1.  Child Erotica

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Child erotica refers to any non-nude or semi-nude photographs and videos of teens or preteens, usually girls, in sexually suggestive poses, mostly distributed over the internet and presented in a fashion similar to non-erotic child modeling. Erotic child modeling websites feature children modeling variety of clothing types, including dresses, bikinis, nightgowns, or undergarments.

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Child Pornography: Child Erotica Online  
How can anyone differentiate between it and child pornography? Child Erotica Online. ... First implicit in child erotica, at least in my mind, is the victimization of the ...

Report to FBI on Alleged Internet Child Erotica  
Subject: RE: Possible Illegal Child Erotica Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 11: ... .com> Subject: RE: Possible Illegal Child Erotica A JPG of the Zipped file names is attached. ...


Child Pornography: An International Perspective  
notable efforts of many nations, child pornography remains a serious issue. ... Child erotica is not illegal but is frequently used by prosecutors as ...


2011/04/05   13:34:48  CBS Chicago
• Man Gets 10 Years For 22,000 Child...  
A former Villa Park man has been sentenced to 10 years in prison, after police found thousands of child pornography images in his home.

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