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1.  Diana Perkovic

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Diana Perkovic is a home shopping host on the HSN (Home Shopping Network). Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, she now resides in Florida. She was voted sexiest home shopping host by Wanderlist. Before working as an HSN host, Diana worked in the television business (production and on-camera). She has always worked in television. She can be seen on HSN during regular daytime hours.

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Diana Perkovic HSN Show Host  
Get to know host Diana Perkovic. Check her programming show schedule to watch her on HSN TV.


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David Hopkins (writer)


  Lynn Jerry and Diana Perkovic
Lynn Jerry and Diana Perkovic
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  From left to right My sister Kathy me my niece Miss
From left to right My sister Kathy me my niece Miss Mia my mom s husband in the back..
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  DianaPerkovicHeadshot jpg
DianaPerkovicHeadshot jpg
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