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1.  Visconti Triplets

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Jason Visconti, Jimmy Visconti and Joey Visconti,, known collectively as the Visconti Triplets, are monozygotic triplets known for appearing in gay pornography, often together in somewhat incest-themed scenes. No actual explicit sexual behavior between the brothers has been shown in any of their videos, most of which show the three engaged in sexual behavior with a fourth actor, or in solo scenes. Joey was born first. Jason was born 12 minutes later, with Jimmy following 10 minutes after that.

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Hungary's hottest imports -- the young, hung Visconti brothers Jason, Jimmy and Joey -- are the industry's first gay triplets. These handsome, toned and tan studs are ...


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  Kevin checkin out the Visconti triplets
Kevin checkin out the Visconti triplets
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the Hustlaball Berlin each year is something like Soddom Gomorrah Very very different..
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